Windom Community Church seeks to bring ancient truth of the gospel to the modern lives of people in the Orchard Park and the greater Buffalo area.


In other words, we try to make the message Jesus as simple and down to earth as possible. We aim to do this on the foundation of three core values:


Every weekend we pour our time and effort into creating a worship experience that connects with anyone who walks through our doors. Maybe you're a little hesitant to set foot in a church? Maybe it's been awhile? That's ok! We want you to know that wherever you are in your spiritual journey, there are opportunities here for you to take the next step in your relationship with God.


We do our best to be open, welcoming and family oriented towards members, attenders and  first-time guests. This means ministering to families by creating a safe space for both parents and children to learn and grow in their faith. But that also includes those of you who long for relationship. Whether you're single, married, young, old, rich, or poor we hope you feel welcome to join our family.


At Windom Church, we want to intentionally create a safe space where we show the love of Christ by extending grace to everyone who walks through the doors of our church regarldess of who they are and what they might believe. We believe God does His best work in the environment of grace. We may not always do it perfectly, but we try to provide that grace to those who set foot in our church.